Black and white birds mosaic for a London bathroom. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics

Mosaic commissions

Helen Miles would be delighted to undertake mosaic commissions to suit your particular needs. Mosaic motifs can be incorporated almost anywhere; they are popular in bathroom and  kitchen settings as they make ideal splash backs but they can also be placed above door frames, inlaid into floors, used as house names or numbers, or set into interior walls and window indents.

Dios 15
House sign, Dios 15. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics

Their classic, enduring quality means they make ideal presents for special occasions: why not commision a wedding or anniversary mosaic and have the date literally set in stone?

Wedding mosaic for Christian and Rawan. Photo: Helen Miles Mosaics.

Helen Miles can also do commissions for restaurants and would be pleased to carry out your design ideas or come up with suggestions for designs that would suit your space.

Detail of Matt and Hellie’s wedding mosaic. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics.

Any size, any place

Mosaics can either be made on exterior grade marine plywood which is sealed and treated to give it extra waterproofing and durability (see Cave Petrum mosaic below), or made on mesh as with the wall plaque above.

Cave Petrum, the terrifying Parson Jack Russell. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics.

If the mesh option is chosen, the mosaic can be transported and installed exactly like normal floor or wall tiling. Larger pieces can be cut into sections to facilitate the transport process and then assembled and grouted on site, as shown here:

Floor mosaic cut into two parts for ease of transport and laying. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics.

Copies of ancient mosaics

Copies of ancient mosaics are often popular commissions: see ‘Ancient Mosaics and morein Categories to see mosaics which Helen has photographed on her travels or do a Google search for more ideas.

Bird, detail, Massimo Museum, Rome.
Bird, detail. Palazzo Massimo Museum, Rome. Photo: Helen Miles Mosaics.

Prices on demand

Prices for the mosaics vary according to the size of the piece, but even a small mosaic can make a strong statement and can be very reasonably priced. Please take a look at the Gallery page to get an idea of the kind of work Helen does and if you have any particular questions, go ahead and use the use Contact form.

‘Unswept floor’ mosaic – kitchen splashback made on mesh in sections for ease of transport and laying. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics.