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  1. It is great to find all the wonderful mosaic artist around the world. There are some very talented people out there. You are right about the inspiration others give freely and I appreciate the sharing of their knowledge and work. I am a amiture mosaic artist who still works at paid employment but 1 day I will give that away.
    I have recently been writing blogs on my facebook page which my friends all read but can’t yet afford to promote the page. I pay for my website which I built myself. I need to update gallery, all these things take time out of mosaicing. Thanks for your article.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I’ve just tracked you down on Facebook so now we can find each other easily. I find that the best way to promote my website is through my mosaics Facebook page (not my personal one) as of course the people who ‘like’ the page are people who are already interested in mosaics. Good luck with everything and happy mosaicking, Helen.

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