Two in five mosaic workshop


May 22 – May 26, 2024

Edinburgh, Scotland

Two mosaic workshops in one!

A five day mosaic course looking at two entirely different mosaic methods which both rely on the common principles that underly the making of successful mosaic work.

This course offers a unique opportunity to master both methods, understand the hidden rules and apply them to both traditional and contemporary mosaics.



Join me at this ‘two in five mosaic workshop’ for a unique opportunity to explore two mosaic methods in five days.

My Classical Mosaic Techniques and Two-Day Mosaic Abstract workshops will be held consecutively with a fifth day to choose either method and delve deeper into it, by either pushing yourself to discover alternative ways to use your preferred method or refining your new skills by having more time to practice.Classical mosaic making leaves

At first glance these two approaches to mosaics could not be more different. One uses flat, specialist mosaic materials to create work based on the ancient techniques of mosaic making. The completed piece is then grouted.

The other method uses found and repurposed materials, which can be as disparate as a old bath plug and single use plastics, to create abstract mosaics which are set into tile adhesive/thinset and do not require grouting.

In fact, however, there is a lot of cross over between the two methods, not least in the decision making surrounding the planning of the mosaics (both rely on tonal value, spacing and contrast for successful outcomes) and on the application of andamento – a crucial concept of mosaic making which applies equally to ancient and contemporary work.

This ‘two in five’ mosaic workshop gives you time to understand the principles that underly the making of mosaics and to use them in your own work, whether you are a traditionalist that wants to immerse yourself in the classical style or someone interested in pushing the boundaries of the medium.


Cancellation policy: If you cancel up to two weeks before the workshop then you will receive a full refund. Otherwise, I will try to fill your place before the class and if I manage to do so then you would be refunded and if not, then there would be no refund. 
If I need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, then I would aim to give you as much notice as possible. Unfortunately, however, I would not be able to accept liability for your travel or accommodation costs so it would be a good idea to take out travel insurance to cover these expenses in the event of a cancellation. In the event of me needing to cancel, I would aim to reschedule the class or provide you with a full refund. 





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