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Gaudi bird – how to make a 3d mosaic

Detail from Antoni Gaudi's Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain.
Detail from Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain.

Making a 3d mosaic – how to start

I cant believe that I fell for it again. It happens every time. I should know by now, but somehow I never learn. I thought I could rattle something off. I’d seen plenty of photos of Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Guell in Barcelona and thought it was all so easy. Just a few broken pots gaily slapped on and that I could rustle up a 3d mosaic over a morning or two. Helen, learn your lesson: mosaics AREN’T like that. You don’t rattle or slap or rustle with mosaics. They absorb and consume you and they also take far, far longer than you think. Continue reading

Mosaic techniques – choosing the right method.

mosaic techniques
Direct method mosaic on marine ply. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics

Direct or indirect method mosaics?

When you decide to make a mosaic, you first have to decide which mosaic techniques you are going to use – the direct method (for a simple ‘how to’ project using the direct method, follow this link: or the indirect method.

mosaic techniques
Direct method mosaic made on mesh and applied to stone. Photo and mosaic: Helen Miles Mosaics

The direct method involves putting the mosaic pieces, or tesserae,  directly onto the base (which could be wood, stone, concrete, ceramic etc), grouting the completed piece and that, more or less, is that. Alternatively, you can apply the pieces onto fibre glass mesh as I did for the mosaic floor which means the finished work is light and transportable and also bendable so that it can be applied to rounded surfaces. The mosaic on mesh is fixed to its final substrate using tile adhesive (indoor or outdoor as appropriate) and grouted on site. Continue reading