mosaics on mesh

Eight easy steps to making larger mosaics on mesh

larger mosaics on mesh, fish mosaic, Helen Miles Mosaics
Detail of fish mosaic splashback. Photo and mosaic: @Helen Miles Mosaics

Larger mosaics on mesh.

Part II of a two-part post on making mosaics on mesh.

Let me cast your minds back to February, 2014 when I wrote a step-by-step tutorial post on how to make a mosaic on mesh. Back then I was full of the joys of mesh and two years later I am still bursting with enthusiasm about the method. I love its versatility, and lightness and the way it solves the problem of making mosaics for faraway destinations, hard to reach places or awkward surfaces. It has all the advantages of the reverse paper method without the disadvantages of working in reverse.

larger mosaics on mesh, Helen Miles Mosaics,
Installing the Unswept Floor Mosaic. Photo and mosaic: @Helen Miles Mosaics.

The original blog post laid out the method for making a small mosaic and now its time to think about larger mosaics on mesh. Over the months a few people (to whom I am eternally grateful) have written comments in response to the post and it’s clear that people are interested in the method but that the first post doesn’t go far enough –  so this post about larger mosaics on mesh is for all those mosaic makers out there who are ready to take off and tackle bigger, more ambitious projects. Continue reading

Installing a mosaic splash back in seven easy steps.

Mosaic cut into four pieces. Photo: Helen Miles Mosaics
Mosaic cut into four pieces. Photo: Helen Miles Mosaics

Installing a mosaic: confession time

Before we go any further, I need to lay my cards on the table. My obsession with mosaics is pretty much unlimited. I spend inordinate amounts of time designing them, making them, grouting them, thinking about them and writing about them. I am equally comfortable with the direct or indirect methods. On mesh or in 3D is fine. I change rods into cubes and cubes into pieces that fit. I cast them in concrete and buff them to perfection but when it comes to installing a mosaic something in me balks and I don’t want to have anything to do with them. At that point I sit back and hand over to the floor-laying and wall-tiling experts.

But even though I didn’t have a direct hand in installing this kitchen splashback I thought it would be helpful for you DIYers out there (or for people with more guts than me) to see how easy the process is. This is my own version of the famous Vatican Museum Unswept Floor Mosaic which I wrote about in a previous post.

It’s made on mesh and I cut it into four pieces (see above) so it could be transported easily. Continue reading