fish mosaic detail

Helen Miles creates site specific mosaics from the design to the installation stage using natural stone, unglazed ceramic and vitreous glass tiles. 

The process of choosing and commissioning a mosaic starts with the space that it will inhabit and the mood you want to create. You might want to commission a piece to fit a particular space, to order a replica of an ancient mosaic,  or you could be looking for a mosaic to mark a significant occasion. The possibilities are endless and we are here to guide you through the process, to give you ideas or to help develop your suggestions into effective designs.

Wedding mosaic tree_design
Wedding mosaic tree_design. @Helen Miles Mosaics

The mosaic making method is adapted to suit the site and purpose of each piece and can be made either directly onto movable marine ply panels, onto mesh or in reverse on paper which is then cut into segments for easy transport before being embedded onto a plastered surface or into a cement mortar base. Alternatively the mosaic can be cast in concrete to create paving slabs.

When we received the invitation to our cousin’s wedding on the island of Chios, we wanted to give the young couple a gift that was not only meaningful but unique. They had designed a beautiful logo representing the traditional orange tree which floods the Chios with its distinct aroma in the spring and was such an important source of wealth for the island. I was referred to Helen and her marvellous work from friends who had commissioned pieces and so began the making of our gift which was a mosaic of the orange tree logo. Our cousins were delighted with their mosaic which has taken pride of place in their new home and gives them a constant reminder of their wonderful day. Penelope Pangalos

The commissioning process starts with a free consultation by email or phone (or in person if you are local) to discuss possible designs. If you decide to proceed, then we charge a design fee for up to three designs based on your requirements. This fee is part of the overall cost if the commission goes ahead, otherwise it is nonrefundable. The cost of a mosaic depends on the materials, scale and intricacy of the design.

Having recently relocated from Athens to London, we wanted something that reminded us of Greece. Helen listened to our initial thoughts and really helped us to bring a vague concept to life. Her extensive knowledge of ancient mosaics enabled us to forge a direct connection with the past. The end result was better than we could have hoped, and has brought wonderful colour and character to what was a fairly drab outdoor area. We are spending as much time with our mosaics as the British weather permits! Anastasios Leventis.

Each mosaic takes many hours to make – the stones or tiles are individually cut to size and then put in place one by one, often using tweezers. The material used in each piece varies according to the design but all of the mosaics are suitable for indoor use and can be adapted for an outdoor position.

If a larger mosaic on mesh or paper is needed, then the mosaic can be cut into sections to facilitate the transport process and then assembled and grouted on site.

Using the natural colors of stones to work out a design of sea creatures based on ancient Greek examples, Helen Miles executed a unique backsplash for our kitchen. It is a work of art that brings us joy every day. Easy to work with from a distant continent, she payed careful attention to our descriptions of what we had in mind, contributing suggestions based on her extensive experience. The mosaic arrived carefully packed and ready for installation with clear and detailed instructions.Richard Best

mosaic fish panel in segments
This long mosaic fish panel was made in segments so that it could be easily transported and then installed on site. @Helen Miles Mosaics

Helen created a mosaic for a friend’s wedding in 2016. She worked with us really closely to refine the concept and listened carefully to exactly what we wanted to create. The end result was better than we could have ever imagined and our friends completely adore it. It was the perfect, unique gift to celebrate a very special wedding and couple and I know they will cherish it for life. Hellie and Matt Kiernan

The emphasis on natural materials imported from Greece means that the colours are not bright but have a muted beauty with a surprising range of tone which works well in a variety of different settings. If you prefer stronger colours, we can also use ceramic, vitreous glass, gold or smalti.

stone colour choice for the octopus and fish mosaic
Octopus and fish mosaic _ selecting the stone colours. @Helen Miles Mosaics

Our work is often inspired by ancient Roman themes but each mosaic is an original design created in close collaboration with the client to suit their particular requirements. The mosaics’ classic, enduring quality makes them ideal for commemorative panels, wedding presents or other significant occasions and can add a flash of interest and delight to architectural indents or floor surfaces.

Meeting and discussing with Helen while trying to give shape to my vague wish for “a mosaic” was a real pleasure! We went over the possible themes, the colors of the stones, the size, the position in our garden and then the design. Helen’s creative skills and at the same time attention to detail, came out through every step of the process. The result is brilliant! The mosaic has now taken a life of its own close to our shrubs of laurel. We love it! Aphroditi Sylla

Prices available on request.