Three mosaic birds

guinea fowl mosaic
Guinea fowl mosaic made on a marine ply board for a London courtyard. The original 5th century mosaic was in a Roman bath house, Kourion, Cyprus. @Helen Miles Mosaics

These three mosaic birds were made for a London courtyard. They are based on three Roman mosaics: 1. Swan mosaic with a stylised fig from a 4th century church in Soli, Northern Cyprus 2. A guinea fowl, from a 5th century bathhouse in Kourion, Cyprus and 3. Partridges, 4th century, now in the National Archaeological Museum, Madrid. Each of the three mosaic birds has the name of a different member of the Greek family and a fruit _ a fig, grapes and pomegranate.

This is a photograph of the original partridges:

three mosaic partridges
Three mosaic partridges, National Archaeological Museum, Madrid. Photo: @Sonia King Mosaics

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