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Learn how to make mosaics on Youtube

Learn how to make mosaics on Youtube

Helloooo there! I think this is one of those moments when I need to climb to the top of the nearest tower with my megaphone as you have probably entirely forgotten who I am. No prizes for guessing why that is. Ho hum. Twiddledy dee. It’s been a long haul for us all but needless to say mosaics have been my true and loyal companion in this as with everything else. I have been quietly carrying on making them, obsessing about them and thinking about them mostly in the form of Andamento, the journal I edit for the British Association for Modern Mosaic.

As you know I am on a one-woman mission to make the world love mosaics as much as I do but that’s a little difficult at the moment with face to face lessons prohibited, so I had to think of another way to spread the mosaic word. So…..I hereby officially announce the launch of my new YouTube channel.

Are you mad?, I hear you cry. Why teach people how to make mosaics on YouTube for free? Surely that means that they will just learn everything they need to know and the long queue of people desperate to join your live workshops when they finally reopen will quietly fade away into the electronic ether?

Yes, that is a danger. But I cant help myself.  It’s a way of communicating across the lockdown divide. We are all having to adapt and change in the present circumstances and things are moving fast in the online world. Teaching remotely looks like something that I will need to get my head around in the not too distant future so this is my procrastination project.

I wrote a post in 2016 about opportunities to learn mosaics online and in the five years since writing that post, things have changed a lot. Mosaic Arts Online has mushroomed into a rich resource of high quality classes on every conceivable aspect of the art of mosaics. There are also plenty of YouTubers out there already offering advice and how-to videos on the technical side of things. I am not claiming to be anything new or different. I am just adding my name to theirs and suggesting you nip over there every now and again when you have a niggling mosaic question.

The idea is to provide short how-to-make-mosaics videos for people who are starting out as well for those who already make them and are interested in trying out new things. Life is one long learning curve, right? I’ve posted nine videos so far in my first series which is called Mosaic Basics and is intended to teach you all the getting started stuff so you can start making mosaics now.  As time goes on I will go into more depth to help you learn, expand and consolidate your mosaic skills.

So please go and have a look whenever you get a chance and don’t forget to subscribe!




  1. Jennifer

    Thank you Helen. I’m in Portland, Oregon, USA and I’m just getting started with mosaics and I’m so happy to have found you and your videos. It’s overwhelming to get started but I really want to create a lovely handmade mosaic for a backsplash behind my stove. Then, who knows! Thanks again! Jennifer

  2. Suzanne Fortin

    Thank you for all the informations you give to whoever wants to learn how to do a mosaic.
    I am actually doing a commissioned mosaic for a floor. It is 24 X 36 inches. I am using the indirect method. When I will be done I plan to glue two layers of cheese cloth all over before I applied thinset I have a vague souvenir of mosaic it’s from Ravena Italy who were doing that, but I am not sure of the link I watched. I would like you to tell me if you know about that method.
    Thank you
    I understand you are probably really busy. It’s ok if I don’t hear from you. I will keep doing my research until I complete my mosaic. Thank you.

    1. Hi Suzanne, so sorry for the late reply. Yes, I do know about the cheese cloth method but I havent seen it applied to floors, except when ancient mosaics are lifted from site for restoration. The indirect method is used for floors and the method used is the paper backed method, whereby you make the mosaic on paper using water soluble glue. Once complete, the floor is prepared and the mosaic is then flipped over into the concrete base and the paper is then soaked and peeled off. I hope all that makes sense. If not, here is a video about the method:

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