Ancient Principles to Contemporary Art: Create a Mosaic Using the Roman Rules


A pre-recorded mosaic workshop in nine lessons.

Can’t make it in person to a mosaic workshop?

No worries!

This pre-recorded class is an online version of my weekend workshop in Classical Mosaic Technqiues but with the extra advantage of you being able to watch it again and again and work at your own pace.

Designed to be useful for people who are new to the art of mosaic making as well as more seasoned mosaicists, it starts by covering the process of preparing and adding hanging fittings to your substrate before moving onto cutting techniques, glue and choosing colours.

As you work through the lessons, you will be taken through the stages of designing and building a mosaic. The classical mosaic ‘rules’ are explained and then demonstrated with an overhead camera as we work together on the bird design.

In addition to studying the basic principles that create harmony within a mosaic and allow you, the artist, to direct the eye where you want it to fall, we will be looking in more detail at such crucial points as sdoppiamento – how and when to split the line – and ways to complete the background, an aspect of mosaics which is often neglected.

The course comes with a pdf giving a detailed list of the materials you will need for this project as well as suggested suppliers in the UK and US.

Purchase of this workshop allows you access to a private Facebook group where you can post work in progress and completed photos of your mosaic, ask questions, and get feedback.